Connecting franchisors and franchisees through store opening.
About Us

     At The Franchise Connection we strive to inform, educate and facilitate the franchising process from concept evaluation through store opening. By assisting and connecting the parties involved in the process, we are able to streamline and enhance the franchising process by becoming a valuable team player in the end goal of growing a business and expanding brand presence. By utilizing our resources within The Retail Strategy, we provide up-to-date market intelligence to our wide range of connections. We believe this is critical when establishing a new or existing concept within a community.

     At its core, The Franchise Connection is a resource for franchisees, franchisors, suppliers, city and chamber organizations, real estate firms, and any groups affected by the franchising business to provide connections, increase bottom lines, and establish businesses within a market which ultimately leads to sustainable economic growth.

     The Franchise Connection was created upon the understanding that there is a need for an intimate relationship to exist between qualified new and existing franchisee’s, new and existing franchise concepts, and the people and groups that are affected by the franchise business model. Franchise businesses account for 50% of all retail sales in the United States. The Franchise Connection establishes the forum to capitalize on the growth of the franchise business model by becoming a one stop shop for franchising resources.